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Our coaches have been a well recognised sight on the roads and lanes of Cheshire since 1935.

 Since joining the Lakeside Coaches group in 2020 our fleet has undergone continued investment and upgrades with a predominantly Volvo powered fleet.

Our fleet our Merediths focuses as it has done for many years mainly on larger capacity coaches with sizes 53/57/70/72 and even 74 available.  We do have a 29 seater Mercedes available for smaller group hires and is popular for getting to rural wedding venues for instance where access can be an issue.

Our fleet is based in Malpas and is inspected and maintained in our own workshops at Group HQ in Ellesmere by our team of  directly employed engineers to DVSA Earned Recognition Standards.

Please note our wheelchair accessible vehicles have a reduced seating capacity when accommodating a wheelchair in situ (usually minus 4 seats), so please bear this in mind when choosing your coach.

Our Fleet

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